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Modified World by ThePlainsman Modified World :icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 9 8 North America 1803 by ThePlainsman North America 1803 :icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 11 8 A Hundred Year Old Stove by ThePlainsman A Hundred Year Old Stove :icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 0 0 Partition of Switzerland by ThePlainsman Partition of Switzerland :icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 13 6 Hint dollars by ThePlainsman Hint dollars :icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 2 0 Republic of Loiusiana (Failed Project) by ThePlainsman Republic of Loiusiana (Failed Project) :icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 20 2 Prime Minsiter Layton by ThePlainsman Prime Minsiter Layton :icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 4 0 Central Powers ISOT by ThePlainsman Central Powers ISOT :icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 14 2 American Nations by ThePlainsman American Nations :icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 16 6 Alt by ThePlainsman Alt :icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 2 3
NOPE News: Wilsonville: Population: One
Hello again America. This is your host: Thomas Host, talking to you from NOPE radio station. For the last five years, the United States has been suffering a depression which was brought about when the nation and the Central Powers lost against the Entente in the Great War. The depression was at its worst in 1921, when nearly 1/5 of the nation was unemployed. Many lost their homes and were forced to move into shanty towns called "Wilsonvilles", named after our previous president, Woodrow Wilson, the scumbag who got us into a war we lost and failed to curb the depression, as result of the war. In recent years, however, President James M. Cox has been steadily fixing up these problems plaguing the country. Right now, he's done such a good job that some of these Wilsonvilles are being abandoned by those who once lived there, now with a job and new opportunities.
There is one person, though, who remains in a Wilsonville just outside Omaha, Nebraska. I decided to go up there and interview hi
:icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 1 2
Professor Layton by ThePlainsman Professor Layton :icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 0 0
NOPE News: Prohibition
Good day America. You're listening to NOPE radio station. I am your host: Thomas Host, here to give you some news I heard about from my father's brother's nephew... which is me.
This morning, the United States government made the eighteenth amendment - the one that bans the production, transportation, and selling of alcohol - official. This has been the result of over a century of women trying to prevent us from drinking things that make us violent and reduce our lifespans. Oddly enough, however, the amendment doesn't actually outlaw the consumption of alcohol so I'm not sure where their priorities are.
Here at NOPE News, we believe that, while alcohol is bad for you, outlawing it will not prevent people from drinking it. Speaking of which,I just remembered that I bought some Jack Daniels a week ago and my wife doesn't know about it.
Well uh... I got to go. This has been your host: Thomas Host, form NOPE radio station, signing out.
:icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 1 5
President Robotnik by ThePlainsman President Robotnik :icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 6 5 Man selling cucumbers by ThePlainsman Man selling cucumbers :icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 1 0 This is your host: Thomas Host by ThePlainsman This is your host: Thomas Host :icontheplainsman:ThePlainsman 1 1


Leonardo da Vinci: Universal Genius by Lord-Justinius Leonardo da Vinci: Universal Genius :iconlord-justinius:Lord-Justinius 7 1 new oc :00  by GumiGuac new oc :00 :icongumiguac:GumiGuac 17 6 Grodeutsches Reich by waterpoke Grodeutsches Reich :iconwaterpoke:waterpoke 18 4 Black Africa Colonisation 1840 by IasonKeltenkreuzler Black Africa Colonisation 1840 :iconiasonkeltenkreuzler:IasonKeltenkreuzler 18 2 Chibi Mega 1 by Unibooni Chibi Mega 1 :iconunibooni:Unibooni 19 1 Adeleine Shimeji by Candy-Swirl Adeleine Shimeji :iconcandy-swirl:Candy-Swirl 12 7 Kirbytalia - Make America Great Again by Genie92 Kirbytalia - Make America Great Again :icongenie92:Genie92 5 4 shes...fuffy by twentydraculas shes...fuffy :icontwentydraculas:twentydraculas 11 0 bb by GumiGuac bb :icongumiguac:GumiGuac 20 2 I'm not the Chilean capital [The Loud House] by the01angel I'm not the Chilean capital [The Loud House] :iconthe01angel:the01angel 32 35 Battle of Hampton Roads by RD-DD1843 Battle of Hampton Roads :iconrd-dd1843:RD-DD1843 5 0 5.26.17 by GumiGuac 5.26.17 :icongumiguac:GumiGuac 20 6 Kirby - 25 Years and Onward by CelestiaDragonKnight Kirby - 25 Years and Onward :iconcelestiadragonknight:CelestiaDragonKnight 149 44 Welcome to Halcandra by VasteelNoire Welcome to Halcandra :iconvasteelnoire:VasteelNoire 107 26 Kirby_Gotta be attractive by Chivi-chivik Kirby_Gotta be attractive :iconchivi-chivik:Chivi-chivik 119 65 Kirby_Overworked by Chivi-chivik Kirby_Overworked :iconchivi-chivik:Chivi-chivik 148 80



Modified World
Here is a modified base map I made in a span of too much time spent not working on it. Hope you enjoy and can spot the differences.:)
North America 1803
This is the first map I've made used on Inkscape. I'm still not quite sure how to properly add colors to it, but I think I'll learn eventually. I would like to thank :iconupvoteanthology: for suggesting  me to use this program. Now with that out of the way, on to the scenario.

After the Independence of The United States of America in 1783, it sparked revolutions through out North and South America. Nations such as Mexico, California, and New Brunswick gained independence at this time, being inspired by the American Revolution. By 1800, all mainland colonies and some Caribbean islands gained independence from their European masters. Relations between these nations are good, though, there are talks between the US and Louisiana about selling the northern part of Louisiana to the Americans as apart of them future expansion...

Edit: Apparently, Deviantart doesn't like THIS specific white background for whatever reason, because now it's the same color as the background. CURSE YOU!
Edit #2 Never mind, I fixed it. :)
A Hundred Year Old Stove
So the map is taking a while to make, so here's a story about this stove that resides at the Great Plains Transportation Museum.

According to the museum guide, The Atchison, Topeka, & and Santa Fe Railroad purchased it in the late 19th century. It was bought new by the railroad, stored in one of their warehouses...and just left it there for the next hundred years.Zedd- Shrug emote

It was rediscovered about 15 years ago and was given to the museum not long after, where it sits today, probably never used.
So I got this new program called Inkscape, which will allow me to my more professional looking maps. I decided to use this as my base. Map by ThePlainsman
I saw it in a Youtube Video and was like "I'ma gonna use dat."

Expect something like that to come in the future.
So I got a question: When you submit something and want you watchers to know about as soon as its uploaded, do you have to click on the little button on the bottom that says "notify your watchers"? I'm still kind of new here so that;s why I'm asking. Any answers will be much appreciated.
About 6 days ago, I got tagged by :iconthe01angel: to do a journal entry meme which also mean I'll have to tag some other people as well, so here goes nothing.

Rules I'm giving out to people I tagged:
  • Write your own rules
  • Answer 10 questions I give about yourself
  • Tag at least one other deviant

Now, for the questions I've been given:

1. Why did you decide to join DeviantArt?
I joined because I wanted to submit some alternate history scenario that I made to the internet, and since this site had a pretty decently sized alternate history community, I figured this was as good place as any to submit to. As you may tell, I submit other stuff on here, but I try to mainly focus on alternate history.

2. If there were a movie made about your life, what actor or actress would you want to play you?

I don't know, but I guess at some point in the movie, I'll play myself. :)

3. In general, do you tend to be happy with how your artwork comes out?

For the most part, yes, but I do feel that some could have been better. Like this one. This is your host: Thomas Host Even when I finished it I thinking "what did I do to you?!?!?!"

4. What was the first fandom or franchise you got really "into"?

When I was really young, I really loved Thomas The Tank Engine. It was practically my life for the longest time. I still watch it from time to time, but mainly to see how the series been doing.

5. How often would you say you eat snacks?

Often enough.

6. Do you use the same username or similar usernames across sites (for example, your username is "CupcakePrincess101" on most of the sites you're on but on one site you're "TheCupcakePrincess"), or do you use a different username for each website you're on (for example, your username is "CupcakePrincess101" on one site, "flyingcactus03" on another site, and "BlackCatLover" on some other site)?

With the exception of Youtube and email, all of my account names are "The Plainsman", but with this site, I'm not allowed to have the space on there.

7. Do you have anything you would consider a guilty pleasure?

Go back to #4.

8. Do you play a musical instrument, or can you at least read sheet music?

Neither, though, in the fifth grade, everyone had to play the recorder (for some reason) and I never really learned it.

9. Do you ever get phrases stuck in your head the way a song would get stuck in your head?

Yes. My older brother likes to say (or sometimes sing) some lyrics from a song, or just say some phrase for long enough that I start saying it. It's like a virus or something.

10. Are you a good cook?

I'd say I'm alright, but I don't usually cook for myself, its usually at school at a culinary class and I don't do much of the cooking.

11. What's your favorite OC that doesn't belong to yourself?

I don't really have a favorite, but I do like this character Tesla bio mainly because its not that often (for me at least) to come across a human Sonic OC, and a good one at that.

12. Would you boop my Alt plushie's nose to hear it squeak~?

Wait, that toy makes a noise? Sign me up.


After some quick Google searching, I learned that - and I quote this from the Pop'n Music wiki page for Alt 2.0 - saying: "On her Pugyutto plush doll, the gibberish phrase "INXZIIM ITUVI" is written in the black area on her router." So by that logic, "INXZIIM ITUVI", means nothing. But I know that probably not the answer that :iconthe01angel: is looking for. So I'll just say what I originally thought when I first saw it.

    "INXZIIM ITUVI" is actually just an acronym. For what you my ask? I'll tell you.

    I: Issac
    N: Normany's
    X: Xylophone
    Z: Zipper
    I: Is
    I: In
    M: Mauritania.

    I: Ireland
    T: Tried
    U: Using
    V: Violins
    I: In parliament. (I might've cheated on that last one)

 Finally. I finished the questions. Now to make my own.

    1. Do you have any other social media sites?
    2. What was/is your favorite subject in school, if any?
    3. Do you own any video game consoles, and if so, what games do you have for them?
    4. What would you want to do now at this very moment?
    5. What's the most memorable experience of your life?
    6. Is there a type of career you want to purse or are pursing?
    7. Name a place, real or fictional, you want to go to.
    8. Do you have a cell phone? (Cause I don't)
    9. If you were to change any event in history, what would it be?
    10. What historical significance does the year 1889 have? If you can't think of anything, make one up.

Now, for the people I'm going to tag.


You can answer your questions done below, but I recommend doing it as a journal entry.


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